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  • SHADOW LIMB - Burn Scar
  • SHADOW LIMB - Burn Scar

$0.00 - $6.66

Shadow Limb was formed in 2013 after La Fin du Monde, the long running instrumental band featuring all the same members, called it a day. The guys wanted to take a heavier more stripped down direction with Shadow Limb while maintaining all the dynamic shifts and genre bending that had been a staple with their instrumental band. Since 2013, Shadow Limb have played countless shows, released a 3 song EP The King is Dead (on digital and cassette via Vulture Print), and Mass and Power as a 12" split LP with Squalus (on Translation Loss).

"The title Burn Scar pertains to some of the lyrics referring to scorched battle fields and villages, but also has a personal meaning to us as it's something you hear a lot around here.
We are all from Paradise, California which suffered the biggest wildfire in California history last November. We all still live nearby but luckily didn't lose our homes. Friends and close family we're not so lucky. It has been rough. Most of the town is a "burn scar" - ironically though, all the lyrics that were written for the album were written before the fires."
- Mike Crew, Shadow Limb

Mike Crew - Bass
Dan Elsen - Drums
Chris Roberts - Guitar & Vocals
Adam Scarborough - Guitar & Vocals

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim Green at Louder Studios in Grass Valley, CA.

Album Art and layout by Aaron John Gregory.

Track Listing

  1. Asger Arisen
  2. Maelstroms Rebirth
  3. Watered Down Alby
  4. You Blew It
  5. Cry Off
  6. Cleanse Of Ire
  7. Rudiger; his name is not important
  8. Line Of Descent

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